Keep rats & mice out of your roof​

Protect Your Property:​

Rat & Mice Screens to help keep Rodents out of the roof

Knowing rats or mice have made their way into the roof space is annoying enough, let alone the risks they then pose to your health, safety and property.

Fire: short circuits can be caused by rodents gnawing on cables and electrical wiring

Rodents can transmit Leptospirosis to humans and pets, through their urine contaminating water, food, and soil​

Rats and mice can chew on pipes, causing plumbing problems

Rats and mice can also carry various parasites, including fleas and internal worms

Rodents can’t fit through or chew through Gutter Solutionz metal Gutter Guards. We have made sure the louvred holes are too small even for mice to fit through, let alone rats. Interesting fact: contrary to popular belief, rats and mice don’t have collapsible skeletons, but their angled clavicles do make it easy for them to fit through very small gaps: they’re only limited by the size of their skull.​

Install Gutter Guards, Rat & Mice Screens​

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