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Protecting New Zealand property for over 12 years

Advice & installation that will stand the test of time

Avoid gutter maintenance by installing the superior gutter guard

Gutter Solutionz has a variety of gutter guards and spouting products designed to solve a range of problems for a range of budgets.

From the newly introduced clip’n fit gutter guard through to the gutter solutionz metal screens – all of which may be fitted with the new clip’n flush gutter clean system to get you as close as we can to the long dreamed of maintenance free spouting.

To give you further peace of mind, the metal screen range is guaranteed to perform as an effective spouting screen for a minimum of 12 years when installed by our authorised gutter guard installers. Gutter Solutionz metal mesh has an impressive track record both in New Zealand and overseas, plus we warranty our workmanship for 5 years.

Each Gutter Solutionz installer is trained to assess the suitability of the application, and then install the right solution according to manufacturer’s recommendations, keeping your gutters clean and free of debris.

Quality gutter guard and gutter flush installations that stand the test of time and solve your problems – whether it be protection from leaves, rodents, birds, snow or hail!

Each gutter guard installation is carried out by one of our professional team of spouting experts. You have the choice of 4 superior metal spouting screen products – including zincalume, copper, aluminium (all with special width and valleymesh options) OR the easy to use Gutter Transformer clip’n fit gutter guard.

Either of these systems can then be combined with the clip’n flush plumbed gutter clean system for a total solution.

Our gutterguards, leaf guard, gutter protection and gutter flush products provide a blockage free spouting solution for all roof types and gutters!

The Gutter Solutionz superior metal spouting screen is a product that will enhance rather than take over your roof.

It is a truly effective gutter protection system which ensures that leaves, debris, snow, hail, rodents and birds do not enter the guttering yet allows water to flow through in the normal manner.

The benefits of Gutter Solutionz metal spouting screen have been further enhanced with professional certification of use of the screen as a snow strap, offering the advantage of continuity of support right along the spouting length.

Depending on the problem you are looking to solve, the clip’n fit system is perfect for mild to moderate leaf issues.

Both systems can then be combined with a flush system which will make your life that much easier again – so no more climbing ladders!

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Why Choose Gutter Solutionz

  • A product that has been tested and proven in New Zealand since 2005.
  • A company that stands behind its warranty – MDC NZ Limited was incorporated in 2005 and proudly operates from its Head Office in Christchurch with representation throughout New Zealand.
  • Our Distributors are here to solve your problems. They will assess your specific problem and design a solution that works.
  • Quality counts. Gutter Solutionz is proudly New Zealand owned with the majority of our products being manufactured in New Zealand. We only use materials that are suited to your property’s environment and that are compatible with your roof and spouting.
  • Gutter Solutionz Distributors are all licensed to install our products. That means that they are properly trained to carry out a quality installation.
  • Durability is important – durability of product and durability of customer relationships – now and into the future.
  • New Zealand’s NATIONWIDE innovative gutter guard specialists – zincalume, aluminium, copper – specially designed valleymesh – New Zealand’s only Certified Continuous Snow Screen.

What Clients Say

“On a business property with many trees I have spent countless hours clearing out leaves, seeds and other muck from our roof gutters. I have since had gutter solutionz installed along the worst affected area and after this autumn it’s really proved to be a winner. This product (and the after-sales service) has been first rate, cheers.”
DS, Wanaka

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