keep gutters clear and pests out​

Hassle-free and safe:​

Metal Mesh  Gutter Guards

Metal Mesh Gutter Guards

Unique, louvred metal mesh. More durable than plastic gutter guards.

Certified Snow Straps

Certified Snow Straps

Adds strength: prevents gutters from buckling under snow and hail.

Clip’n Flush Gutter System

Clip’n Flush Gutter System

Safe and so easy. Plumbed system: just turn the tap on every few weeks.

Gutter Solutionz: New Zealand’s best gutter protection solutions

Gutter Solutionz’ innovative gutter protection products can be custom-fitted on residential and commercial properties throughout New Zealand. Choose from a range of metal mesh gutter guards and widths to suit your roof. We can also colour match to your roof.

Our superior gutter protection systems are made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. Gutter Solutionz stands behind our products 100%. Our metal mesh Gutter Guards and Certified Snow Straps are covered by up to a 12 year Warranty for Materials, and 5 Year Warranty for Workmanship.

Made in New Zealand, backed by comprehensive warranties​

Gutter Solutionz

Covid-19 Update: We are pleased to be able to provide contactless quote and installation services. Stay safe! The Gutter Solutionz Team