Bird Screens to help stop birds nesting in your gutters & roof

Install Gutter Solutionz metal mesh Gutter Guards

Protect your home from possible Health & Safety problems, fire risk and Insurance issues caused by birds nesting in the roof space. 

Birds are very good at finding their way into the roof through any gaps between the gutters and your roof, or through gaps along the roof valleys. Their nesting creates fire hazards, can lead to bird mite infestations, attracts mice and rats, and of course, creates noise.

Gutter Solutionz’ strong, metal mesh bird screens and gutter guards stop birds from from pecking their way into the roof. The roof valleys can also be fitted with Valleymesh - screening additional entry points off.​

Permanent Pest Protection​

Keep Birds out of the Roof!

Protect Your Property:​

Gutter Solutionz

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