New Zealand’s ONLY Certified Continuous Snow Straps

Why does it work so well?

Gutter Solutionz spouting screen is one long continuous snow strap that not only keeps the spouting from filling up with snow or hail but also ensures the gutter system stays intact.

The snow straps have been tested by an independent qualified structural engineer and the results show that having Gutter Solutionz screens in place will enable your spouting to withstand snow volumes equivalent to that of Alpine conditions.

In addition the continuous coverage along the length of spouting provides improved protection from the dynamic forces of snow sliding off the roof which can result in spouting being torn from its brackets.

“Up to 10x stronger than traditional snow straps”

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The technical detail:

Structural Design Actions – Snow and Ice Actions

Producer Statement is available for use of Gutter Solutionz mesh as a snow strap for metal substrate roofs; tested to 3.0kPa test load. This corresponds to a design snow load at 1100m and 1350m altitude for the South and North Islands respectively when calculated in accordance with AS/ NZS1170.3:2003

a continuous snow strap

Gutter Solutionz screen in action:

If you look closely enough, you can see the grooves on the underneath
of the snow created by the snow sliding over the Gutter Solutionz mesh – the spouting is protected from the weight and movement of the snow by the screen.

“This is a brief gutter protection review that I simply had to send you guys. I had gutter solutionz installed on my main house but elected not to on the garage. Come winter, the ice and snow took out the entire back gutter on the garage, while the gutters on the house remained solid and clear. Needless to say, I wasted no time in having gutter solutionz installed on the garage. I’m sold.”
RL, Queenstown