Prevent Water Damage from Melting Snow and Hail

New Zealand’s only Certified continuous Snow Strap 

Gutter Solutionz’ strong, metal mesh Gutter Guards stop snow and hail from blocking gutters, then melting and creating water damage by flooding into your roof space and internal walls.  

Gutter Solutionz Certified Snow ‘Straps’ are one long, continuous snow strap, that stops snow or hail from filling up the gutter. The snow strap provides extra strength - so that the gutter system does not buckle or split under the weight of snow or hail. It also helps prevent gutters being ripped off under the dynamic load of snow sliding off the roof.

Our Certified Snow Straps are up to 10x stronger than traditional snow straps. Tests by an independent, qualified structural engineer show that having Gutter Solutionz screens in place will enable gutters to withstand snow volumes equivalent to that of Alpine conditions.

The continuous coverage along the length of the gutter provides improved protection from the dynamic forces of snow sliding off the roof - which could otherwise result in gutters being torn off their brackets. 

Independently tested to Alpine conditions​

Snow & Hail damage​

Protect your property from​

Gutter Solutionz

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