Leaf guards keep fallen leaves out your gutters

LEAVES & DEBRIS filling and clogging the spouting on your home?

This is not a risk you want to take as water can back-fill and overflow into your home causing unwanted damage. Not to mention the risk of ladder falls while you’re doing it!

Just leaving your gutters full of this debris can lead to premature damage to the spouting. Rain gutters clogged with leaves stay wet & moist for exceptionally long periods after rain.

This moisture severely degrades the protective finish of the guttering enabling corrosion to commence. This emphasises the importance of having clean gutters and leaf guards or gutter guard protection.

Gutter Solutionz has a variety of options depending on the extent of the problem and can design a solution around most budgets.

While the fitting method varies depending on the type of roof, the completed job is very neat and blends with the construction of the roof, keeping your gutters clean.

The Gutter Solutionz superior metal spouting screen won’t warp or sag and the slim design ensures it does not detract from your home’s appearance. In some instances you won’t even notice it.

Our distributors will show you how smart it will look on your roof and will investigate just what your problem is before recommending a solution.

“I was having major leaf problems which caused repeated damage to my eaves, roof beams and inside walls. I was very happy with the prompt service, your politeness and the protection you suggested as a solution. It’s been over a year and we’ve had no more back flow issues with our house and the protection looks as clean as the day you installed it. Thank you for solving our problems with an excellent solution.”
Maggie, Auckland
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