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Yes. Cleaning your spouting is very time consuming and proves to be one of the most dangerous cleaning chores around the house. It is a job without satisfaction because as quickly as leaves are removed, others are taking their place… in only a couple of months you’ll be up there doing it all again. ACC report that there are about 4,000 serious injuries each year caused by falls from ladders at home. Don’t be one of these statistics this year, leave it to the experts.

If you don’t feel confident about getting up a ladder – don’t – call us and we will solve the problem for you.

Gutter Solutionz provide up to a 12 year warranty on materials to give you peace of mind that it will work and last. We also give up to a 5 year warranty on our work so you know if something is not right we will fix it. Have a read of the Testimonials and see how highly other customers rate Gutter Solutionz.
Gutter Solutionz Spouting Screen and gutter covers are tailored to fit all types of roofs and spouting, new or existing including terracotta and concrete tiles, metal tiles, corrugated iron, other metal deck roofing, slate and glass roofs. Check out the Gallery page for more photos.
The Warranty is provided by MDC NZ Limited. A New Zealand owned and operated company established in 2005. Gutter Solutionz are proud of their products and stand behind them 100%.
No problem. Unlike Plastic/Polyurethane products, Gutter Solutionz metal products can simply be painted at the same time as your roof is being done – so you always have everything matched to your satisfaction.
Gutter Solutionz has a full range of screens such as Zincalume, Aluminium and Copper and only uses compatible materials and fixings so that the correct material will be used on your property. Wider screens can also be manufactured so that commercial, industrial and special fittings can be undertaken.
The Gutter Solutionz range of Colour+mesh, Alimesh and Ultramesh screens are fully coated after the expansion process to ensure a complete protective coating that will match the colour of your roof/ spouting.

Your roof is a good guide – Gutter Solutionz uses similar materials and installation methods (including the coating of any exposed edges on the job). This process coupled with the comprehensive 12 year warranty gives you peace of mind that their products will stand up to even the harshest of climates.

There is currently no gutter guard product on the market that will stop dust and pollen getting into the gutters.

What Gutter Solutionz mesh will do is keep out most debris, stop snow or hail building up and prevent birds nesting or rodents getting in and causing damage to your home.

If you believe this may be a problem in your area, the new clip’n flush system will take care of this for you by providing a plumbed flush system that sprays directional jets of water onto the inside of the spouting – flushing it clear – all done from the comfort of terra firma – no ladder climbing required!

In addition, access hatches will be installed in the fitted Gutter Solutionz metal mesh so that at any time you can easily flush the spouting with a hose if needed. Your local Distributor also offers a flushing service if you would like them to help.

All of Gutter Solutionz installers are specifically licensed to install Gutter Solutionz spouting screens. When installed to specification the louvered shape in the metal mesh drags the water down into the spouting preventing run-off .
Rats can eat through a variety of products if they set their minds too it, including plastic.

Metal is much more difficult. We are not aware of any instances of rats eating through Gutter Solutionz spouting screens in over 11 years of use through out New Zealand.

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